Starting A Positive Movement:

My life experiences has been something for me to grow from and educate others that Senseless Violence is unacceptable. I am thankful that God gave me a second chance and we survived. 

I'm alive today and thankful to still have my family. My goal is to spread a positive message, especially to youth and young adults to help them realize how we can positively change our future. Senseless Violence has become a bigger problem in today's society and too normalized. An inspiration to me is my brother and his movement "STOP SHOOTING INNOCENT KIDS!!!.." With our communities support I believe we can make an impact in our world. 

 I wouldn't want anyone to lose their life because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Watching this generation grow up makes me feel like I am somewhat one of their protectors. I have seen many challenges they may face and we may have to overcome obstacles together. For them and many others in this world staying safe is a challenge everyday. My responsibility as a young man and brother is to teach the youth everything I have learned throughout my life. 


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